Design Your Kit

“TJS Maple Passion Custom Drums are built by a drummer for drummers. I take extreme pride in building each drum as perfectly as possible — as if I were going to be playing that particular drum myself. I personally finish and examine each piece before it leaves my shop. Thank you for your interest in TJS Maple Passion Custom Drums.”

—Tom J. Schultz


Finished totally by hand in Mesa, Arizona. My personal preference is the eight-ply. Ten-ply to thirty-ply available for snares.

The popular cut for the bearing edge is 45 degrees interior cut, 3/16″ round outer cut. Other degrees available upon request. These edges are all hand-sanded as smooth as humanly possible — checked and double-checked.

Wrap finishes include sparkles, glitter glass and pearls. All wrap finishes are completely glued to the shell, which adds a thin ply to the drum.

  • Satin lacquer — multiple coats of hand-rubbed lacquer. This particular finish is smooth as glass with a rich, deep, sheen.
  • Gloss finishes — please add an extra 20% to the cost.
  • Stains — almost any color stain is available in either gloss or satin finish.
  • Please note that I do not do gloss black or solid black wrap finishes.

Lugs come in a variety of options. The first, and my personal choice, would be the TJS custom, solid brass, direct drive, single lug. This is an original design, available in either high polished brass or chrome. Also available are standard, die-cast, chrome or black lugs.

  • There are a variety of hoops available in chrome, black, natural wood, or brass. Price quotes available upon request.
  • Rims-type mounts included on every hanging tom.

TJS Maple Passion Custom Drums can build almost any diameter, depth, finish, or configuration custom kit that you can imagine. Listed below is a sample size kit done with custom brass lugs in satin lacquer finish, natural or stained. Average price: $2,350.00.

  • 18 x 20 Bass
  • 8 x 10    Tom
  • 9 x 12    Tom
  • 14 x 11    Tom
  • 6 x 13    Snare

Snare drums are the specialty of TJS Maple Passion Custom Drums. As written in the official drummer’s handbook, you must own a minimum of 15 snare drums to call yourself a professional, so try one (or two) of these:

  • 6 x 10    8-ply
  • 7 x 12    8-ply
  • 6 x 13    10-ply
  • 7 x 14    10-ply
  • 6 x 14    20-ply
  • 6 x 14    30-ply