A.D. Adams

A.D. Adams with his TJS Custom drum set.

A.D. Adams holds the distinction as being the drummer who has played TJS drums the longest! A.D.’s career has spanned 35 years and included all aspects of the music business.

In the past, A.D. also was a regular clinician at the prestigious Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe/Gilbert, AZ.  A.D. was an instructor in both Basic and Advanced Drum Kit Miking techniques, surround-sound recording and applications. A.D. Adams is also a frequent panelist/guest speaker for the American Engineers Society, for their series of seminars entitled, “The Other Side of the Glass: A Musicians Perspective on Recording.”



A.D. Adams with the Crash Street Kids

In addition to playing sessions with the Crash Street Kids and Glass Heroes; A.D. is also known in the Phoenix area as one of the finest percussion educators in the Southwest. He currently has a working roster of over 70 students from beginning to advanced, ranging in age from 5 to 65 at his studio, “Shabby Road.” Tireless to a fault, versatile in idea and execution, and armed with the skills and the drive to conquer any musical challenge, he is always looking to take his career to an even higher level. A.D. Adams is a drummer who leaves his distinct and indelible print on all that he touches – and he is proud to play TJS Custom Drums!



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