Andy Ziker

AZ-4Andy Ziker is a 33 year drumming veteran who has devoted his life to performing, teaching, studio work, enticing others to join the ranks, and writing about it.

During a trip to New Orleans at 13 years old, Andy was so impressed with the rich musical atmosphere of Bourbon Street and a one-man-band playing a set of junk drums, that he began takings lessons. His first drum set was an old pieced together Slingerland.

Andy studied with Billy “Stix” Nicks. At the age of 14 Andy began to play professionally. He enrolled in the music programs at Mesa Community College and Arizona State University where he graduated in 1991 with a degree in music. He studied at this time with Don Bothwell, Mark Austill, Dom Moio, and Rob Shuh.

AZ-3Andy taught drum lessons at Linton Milano Music in Mesa, Arizona for 25 years. He is now the Associate Editor at Drum! Magazine in San Jose, California. He has also returned to teaching full-time at The Rhythm Academy of San Jose and plays in a Santa Cruz rock group called Spun.

Andy has contributed articles to Modern Drummer MagazineDrum! Magazine, Percussive Notes, Drummer Café, and OnlineDrummer. He has published six drum instructional books: DrumscapesDrumcraft, Drum AerobicsDaily Drum Warm-UpsDrumset for Preschoolers, and The Jazz Waltz, and a series of booklets called Funk Up Your Hi-Hat. He also recently released two illustrated children’s book called Devan Plays the Drums and Steve Strums His Six-String (both self published), from a series called Nobody Sounds Like You. Another children’s book, People Really Do Trust Ziker, is due out in 2014. Andy invented two types of music stands for drummers and percussionists made by the Manhasset Specialty Company: the Drummer Stand 53D and the Drummer Stand for the Hi-Hat 53DH.

Andy Ziker has had the pleasure of using 3 TJS Custom Drum Kits. Each kit was designed for a specific purpose: Jazz, Rock, and Corporate gigs.

“TJS Custom Drums look and sound great. The craftsmanship and passion the Tom puts into each drum makes it a no brainer. Contact Tom immediately and buy his drums!” – Andy Ziker 

Andy Ziker’s Drumscapes