Dave Marshall Bornhoft

TJS Custom Drums CustomerDavid Marshall Bornhoft has been a musician and recordist since his earliest days, and has a voracious appetite all things audio. Growing up in Montana, he played percussion in school band and took private lessons from “Disney on Ice” drummer Mark McGibony.

Dave sites the big three (Bonham, Peart, and Copeland) as being particularly influential during these formative years. After becoming an eagle scout and serving as Billings Senior High President of the Choirs, he attended MSU and studied privately under Drum Corps International Hall of Fame inductee, Professor James Campbell. Inspired to make a career of it, Dave toured the B-clubs of the north west for several years. In 1989 he packed up his kit and moved to Arizona. The 90’s were all about pursuit of a major label deal (perseverance, aiming high and pursuing excellence). These times included recording sessions in many world-class studios and performing to large appreciative audiences in Arizona and California. The 2000’s through today include many house gigs in downtown Scottsdale, casinos, showrooms, dance halls and night clubs. During this time he also studied privately with Mitch Markovich (three-time consecutive undefeated National Snare Drum Champion).

Dave is owner and session player at www.FourDoorStudio.com and currently gigs with several fantastic bands! Dave invites you to follow him on Facebook and come catch a show or two! https://www.facebook.com/david.m.bornhoft.

“I had Tom put new bearing edges on all my drums and was so impressed with the quality and consistency of his work that I had him build my dream studio kit! Now I’m playing my second TJS kit on live gigs and the response has been fantastic. People love the look and sound of my TJS drums. I really appreciate Tom’s advice…he’s my drum guru and I love that he says I’m his favorite!!! TJS Custom Drums is home for me and I am stoked to have an endorsement deal with this fine company! Thanks Tom!!!