Frank Lang

“In 1972, in Southern California I received my first drum kit for Christmas. I was twelve. It was old. At the age of 16 I received my second set, a black Slingerland. I felt I had arrived. I played drums for a singing group which performed at Disneyland, Magic Mountain and at Disney World in Florida. In 1982 my wife and I moved to Arizona where I started playing on weekends to help make some extra money. We played around and even played at the Arabian Horse Show. We started having children so the time to play was over. A neighbor wanted to buy my set, which I hadn’t used in years so I sold it. In 1995 some friends and I started a band, the Channel Surfers, playing mostly classic Rock.

In 1995 I purchased a nice little birch set from Tom Schultz. When I wanted to move up in the world I talked to Tom about purchasing a new set. He asked if I would be interested in one of his Maple Passion sets. We talked about sizes and finishes and away he went. We had a gig coming up fairly soon and I wanted to have the new set to play. I was extremely pleased with the service and the quality. The guys in the band mentioned how musical my new drums sounded. I received the style, sound and sizes of my dream set.

I have played a lot of top quality sets and Tom’s workmanship is phenomenal. He has been a great friend and his knowledge has been a huge benefit to me. I started playing a 66 Volkswagen Bug at the age of twelve and now I play a Mercedes Benz. You can’t go wrong with TJS and my good friend Tom Schultz.” – Frank Lang