James Kellum

“I have been playing drums for 37 years and was in a few local bands in the 90’s and now I just play because I love to play, it is a passion of mine, and is something that I do everyday. You can also put that I have wanted a one of a kind custom kit as long as I can remember, and when I thought of where to get my kit made I looked no further than Tom Schulz and his TJS maple passion drums. I have know Tom for close to 20 years and chose him to make my kit because of the expert craftsmanship and because I knew that no one else would make my kit with the passion for quality, hard work, and the love that Tom puts into every drum kit he makes, and as I told Tom I believe that my TJS Maple Passion kit is truly his masterpiece! I knew that no other company out there could match the quality of TJS Maple Passion Drums!” – James Kellum