Jim “The Timekeeper” Maesella

Jim was born and raised right in the heart of Detroit Michigan and grew up on Motown and Bob Seger music.JimMarsella

He started playing drums at 11 years old and was in his first rock band at 13.  Jim played in the house band at a local lounge for 4 years straight in suburban Detroit and the band recorded a number of singles trying to make it big.  When his second son was born he set his sticks aside to focus on his career as an automotive engineer.

Jim got his chops back and started playing again, eventually joining a number of local Phoenix bands playing the music he loves to play, DOO WOP and 50’s – 70’s rock and roll.

He recently completed a 2 year stint with “Come Back Buddy”, a well-known 50’s trio in Phoenix.  And now he is excited to be part of Roustabout and playing that good time rock and roll he loves so much!

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