Keith Palmer

“It was over 30 year ago, when I was a young kid, that I was this excited about getting a new drumset. I was going to have a custom set of drums built by Tom Schultz. When I saw them for the first time, the look, the quality, the craftsmanship, they exceeded my expectations. The next day, with little time to tune them up like I would have wanted to, I was playing live in front of hundreds of people. The sound of my drums (fully mic’d) from where I was sitting, sounded like a professional recording. The next day with only a change to a thinner batter head on my snare I performed for over 2000 people (my drums not mic’d). Talk about pressure to sound good. Not a problem. Not only the look, but the sound of my drums exceeded my expectations.

I’ve played a few different brands of drums over the years— Slingerland, Gretsch, Ludwig, Tama, Pearl. Some have come very close to meeting my expectations in look, quality, and sound, but none have ever exceeded it… until now.

Thanks Tom! I truly enjoy playing the drums you built for me. And that’s the really cool part— these drums were built especially for me.” ~Keith Palmer