P.H. Naffah

A Chicago native, P.H. Naffah received his first drum kit when he was 10 and has really not stopped playing since. He helped launch Arizona’s popular band, The Refreshments, with Roger Clyne in the 1990s and after the group disbanded, the two formed Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, one of the most successful independent bands on the music circuit today. Known for his intense, powerful style, Naffah doesn’t just play the drums, he commands them. He bought his first TJS snare drum in 2001 and has used it on every album since. His touring kit consists of TJS Rack Tom 12×13, Floor Tom 15×15 and Kick 20×22.

“Tom Schultz’s drums are amazing. After I bought my TJS snare drum, I was hooked. The drums deliver an incredible resonance and have such a warm tone. I want drums that are responsive and ‘talk back’ to me – to this end, TJS drums rise above the rest. It’s easy to see that Tom custom makes every drum because I can immediately recognize the care and craftsmanship that go into the details. His instincts about how drums should be made and how they should sound are superb.” ~P.H. Naffah