Ricky J Lockhart

Ricky started playing drums at the ripe young age of 14 in sunny Southern California. “I took some lessons and subbed for my teacher in a couple of his bands.” He moved to the Tri-State area at age 19 where he played up and down the Colorado River from Parker to Laughlin for next 17 years. After moving to Phoenix in ’97, he kicked around town until late 2004 when he found his way into a nasty old nest of cranky lounge lizards known as Big Nick & the Gila Monsters.

“I met Tom through buying drum gear from him at the music store. After years of not getting the sound and feel I needed from the kits I’d been playing, I talked to Tom. Seeing his kits and snares for a long time, I knew they were great sounding and beautifully built. I had an idea of what I wanted and Tom was very cool about the whole thing. He made the heart of the kit an 18×18 kick (small but mighty) and a 6×13 snare that gives a little more leg room behind the kit but still has plenty of pop. The toms are 7×8, 8×10, 9×13 and 13×15 and all have rims mounts for better sound projection. The kit is finished with custom mixed green lacquer stain. These drums sound and feel super and I have so much fun playing them. Thank you Tom for my drums and for being a good friend!” – Ricky J Lockhart