Tommy Acedo

Tommy Acedo is a professional drummer and educator from Phoenix Arizona. He grew up playing in school bands from the age of 10 through 18, ranging from orchestral, jazz and ensemble to playing in rock-and-roll bands in Phoenix on the weekends.

Upon graduating high school in 2009, he attended Mesa community college where he studied from jazz master Dom Moio and percussion master Joe Goglia. Learning various styles in classical percussion and jazz drumming.

Still hungry to learn more, he sought out education in the recording arts from Andy Siegel. From there he was introduced to Dan Tomlinson and Todd Chuba, who both helped round his skills as professionaldrummer and musician in the valley.

Currently Tommy Acedo teaches over 25 students at Milanos music in Mesa and can be found working in various pit orchestras, country, pop, reggae, rock, And worship bands. He has also performed with Showtune Productions and Awaken Your Impact.

 “Since I was a kid, Tom Schultz has helped me find my sound. From sticks to drum heads, he was always there to help guide me along. Now I have the privilege to play his 100% Maple drums made in the United States! These instruments are truly assembled by a master craftsman from start to finish. Did I mention that the sound can’t be beat either?!”